Update ideas for 7.3 or 7.4

Discussion in 'Skyblock Server' started by AaronCocYT, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Gem Shop Rewards- I would say about 8-10 items would be permanent and then there would be like 4 weekly items, changing when the weekly update releases.

    Elemental Dust- Cool idea, would need to make sure it is balanced because knowing management, they’ll make it over powered.

    Online Rewards- There are already bonuses for daily reward streaks and I feel like added playtime rewards in the end wouldn’t be very helpful, as they wouldn’t grant much of a reward anyways and as I said before, there are already daily reward streaks.

    Filtering ArcHopper loot- I cant read the thread because I’m on a phone and don’t want to chance clicking to a new thread, but as long as it’s JUST filtering, I don’t see an issue as I know it used to be very annoying when random items would show up in your archopper from where you through it to a different player or just out of your inventory in general.
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    I was debating about the filter, in the focus group I changed it too normal hoppers, filter system is buyable and togglable, upgradeable with gems/tokens

    Online time rewards, no, daily weekly and monthly rewards are enough, alongside with quests and challenges.

    Gem shop. I like that, May be have 2 separate GUIS? main gui will be the current shop with nothing changed, other gui will be certain items on the gem shop buy on sale. Maybe occuring every Saturday, Sunday. This due to the amount of time needed for everything to be updated day after day and prices being changed.

    Elemental Dust - I like this idea a lot. I'll most likely use or change up the examples given or add others.
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    Agree with all of these, especially the Elemental Dust, but not too sure about the Online Awards since theres already a lot of rewards you can get from quests and daily, weekly and monthly awards.
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    Imo, for the gem shop, I suggest just keeping some items permanent, but not all like uncommon keys, the maze boss egg, orbs, a random chat color, random title, Island Hologram, and the igs. I'm not familiar with tokens, but I think the rest should stay. (Just ask the focus group about tokens maybe)

    Also, I can't find the update thread (It was added on Prisons a while ago i'm pretty sure) ,but you know how when you fly on your plot, and type a command a block appears beneath you in the air? I think that should get added into the perk shop, I just thought of that.
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    Just got familiar with tokens, i'm not sure if it should be there to stay or not, just ask the focus group if you want. :p