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    So honestly I should have made a thread a long time ago, back when the "Time Has Come" thread first came out, but I put it off and tried not to think about Arcadian dying because it is sad and I was not really active on the server. But I think it's about time I say my bit as a parting message so to speak

    A Little Bit Of Story

    I joined ArcadianMC the day that LandonMC posted his first skyblock video here. I was actually one of the first of his fans to join so I beat the mad rush a little bit. Skyblock season one was fun, and it was the time when I made some really good friends - people I would send thousands of ingame messages too every day. I loved it because I didn't have a much of an social life in the real world and so it meant a lot to me. I put a lot of work into my island and when people admired it it made me happy. It also gave me the chance to meet people like the builders Crustid and Josh and others like Christopher, the original king of the forums.

    The big time for me was Clans Beta. It was here that I finally got acceptted as a TMOD and it was super exciting. I was part of a big batch of TMODS, about 14, which included Jade who stayed staff for longer than almost anyone on Arcadian. Clans Beta was also great because I got to interact with LandonMC who, at the time, I idolized. I also got to talk to Niknea and Nika and the other "higher ups" on Arcadian.

    The rest of the story was just shifting around. I went from server to server always having fun. Every few months there was something new, be it a reset, or me deciding try out prison which was a totally different community at the time and was very exciting. I continued playing Arcadian for a long time, sometimes stopping for break, but always returning after a while. I was staff plenty of times even getting to hold Admin powers and eventually became the highest poster (king) of the forums. In other words I made a name for myself, and hopefully it was good.

    But Arcadian Wasn't Just An In-game Thing

    Being part of ArcadianMC was great for me ingame, but it was also very important to me in the real world as well. It taught me many lessons, helped me cope at times, and impacted my character growing up. Being a staff member was very motivating and exciting for me, and it showed me that I could reach my goals if I tried hard - it made me realize that anything is possible. Beyond that, as people like Nika will know, I had some rough times on Arcadian as well. In fact there was one point where I quit the staff team and decided I would "rebel" and that they were all evil (or something like that). In hind site it was a very silly thing to do, I realized this pretty quickly when I became sad that I was no longer part of the network. So I guess you could say that I learned something of my own stupidity but more importantly it taught me to think before I spoke or acted which is a very valuable lesson considering my often rash personality.

    What i'm trying to say is Arcadian did a lot for me as a person, not just as a player

    So What It Comes Down To

    Arcadian is over, this isn't a thread trying to prevent that or pretend like things will just get better. What this thread does want to do is leave behind a record of how awesome ArcadianMC was, both by being a ton of fun and also by being great for its players as individuals.

    I really wish the best for everyone from Arcadian, from the old players long forgotten to the remaining staff. Most importantly I want to say a big thank you to @Nika39 who has made the whole Arcadian thing possible over the years. This server was one of the best things about my life growing up and something that I will never forget. Nika, I wish the best for you and I hope you and your family have great futures.

    Signing Off

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    It really is sad.
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    :crab: ARCADIAN IS GONE :crab:
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    still freaking mad that the server was ran into the ground by administration.