My Skyblock Socialist Reforms Program

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    Hey Everyone!
    My name is FishInABucket but you can call me Fish.

    I've created an idea that will hopefully bring back life into the server.

    Let me start with a bit of background.
    ArcadianMC is a standard server, and I will be talking about the Skyblock realm. It's a standard realm with ranks that have strong perks, High island top rewards, Crates with strong rewards, and an Oligarchy of elite players. Every season, a modified roster of them slowly forms and changes, with them controlling the economy and the economic gap between them and everyone else gaping wide. I feel like there are two central issues with players trying to work themselves up to a recognizable and respectable point, for the casual player in particular.

    1. The gap between the proletariat and the elite is far too big for any casual player to attempt to cross without frustration and rage.
    This leads players to quit before they truly understand what it's like to enjoy time on the server. This also applies to returning old players who cannot just refill the niche they once occupied, and have to pull themselves in yet lack the time to do so. Mixed with the frustration of being essentially "demoted" from the elite class leads most of them to quit, while a good portion also quits due to boredom.

    2. New players find it difficult to start off and when they do, it's lackluster and filled with boring and time-consuming grinding.
    Video games exist to entertain. If a player finds a game too frustrating or boring, they will leave. The plan i intend to create will help fund the integration of new players into the community.

    My Solution:
    I will be looking for a crew of players, particularily those well versed in the ways of the server to form a coalition dedicated to helping new players integrate into the community with a variety of public farms, grinders, help centers, and profit shops created for all. If you are interested in supporting this, let me know! Contact me via discord at Fish#1801.