Declined Island Rewards (Skyblock)

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  1. KrustyKrabs


    Jul 8, 2018
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    What is your in-game username?

    Which area(s) of Arcadian does this relate to?

    Please describe your suggestion in full, giving as much detail as possible
    In SkyClans your clan had its own island. On that island there was a merchant that you could buy things from. Each member of the clan could then by items from the merchant with a currency. You could by decorative things like heads and other special itmes. I think in Skyblock each island could gain a currency by being an active player (not afking) or some other way. Then they could go to the Skyblock version of the merchant and get decorative items and add more building to Skyblock. Some items you should get are ore blocks for is levels. Heads (like color heads, item heads, animal heads, but not player heads). Skydropper wand, koth wand, dragon eggs, beacons, tab colors.
    I think every member of the island can purchase something but there is a limited amount per day so one person can't use all of the island's money.

    How will your suggestion benefit Arcadian?
    It will help Skyblock players decorate and get special items to build with, and make Arcadian players have to be active to get the rewards.

    Are there any side effects or negatives to your suggestion?
    I can't think of one.
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    Gonna bump with suggestion but isn’t this the same as the gem merchant? Or the special block shop?