Gankers hackusated me and xPig

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    so. Me was pvping Gankers. Me combo him so bad. He rage. He say I hack. I laugh. I 1v1 xPig. I combo so hard. He cry. Me laugh. He say I hack. Gankers say ikr. They 2v1 me. I combo dem. I win. Dey cry. I laugh. Gankers say I will get banned. Gankers run and I chase heem and hee log out win win for me lose lose for u L ez plz fat L omg get rekt ohhhhh why u so ez trash LLL quick dropped salty lololol LLL triggered noob rekt ohhhhh trashy trash trash cowardly coward coward ohhhhhhh poopy head poopy butt hole booger face koo koo head u carry knife and u want to keel oCast. But me flash. Me run me save her me knock I out oCast love me forever and ever and she kiss me but me no smile becoz me juuuust doing me duty ohhhhhhhhhh
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    Girly girl girl liquify girl hair curler girl hair straightener girl photoshop girl
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