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Hey mates,

Since Arcadian has come out with a Prison Server we have had a few updates, mainly being updates to fix bugs, and now we would like to explain them to you.

Firstly, we have implemented "Shift to Teleport to Sell". This meaning, we have added a new feature in which you can crouch once your inventory is full from items at your mine and it would teleport you to whatever Rank-Level you are. This will teleport you to the sell sign which would make it easier to sell! With this, we also added a feature where when your inventory is full, you are notified. This makes it easier than ever to make money on prison!

Secondly, the custom enchantment "AutoSell" is now working! This enchantment allows people with this enchantment on their pickaxe to automatically sell whatever they mined in the mine they are currently in! Currently this Enchantment is only buyable by MINER+ Rank Donors with 18 Enchantment Tokens.

Lastly, we have once again added voting! /vote will once again...
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Greetings All,

How is the update thus far into the release? So far it seems to be very enjoyed! Before I start off with the main part of this post I would like to say thank-you for the phenomenal feedback! It's made me absolutely enjoy every part of this journey!

Okay now, I would now like to continue this post on by explaining that the KitPvP Donator Ranks maintain on the KitPvP Server and are NOT getting getting reset. Stating that you can NOT in any way, shape, or form transfer ranks from KitPvP to the Prison server (vice versa). Donator ranks will almost always never be transferable from server to server.

Further going, I would like to inform you that if you were intrigued or considering donating anytime soon you should use the code "NETWORK". This allows you to get 25% off the original price on all of the items in your cart! This code is only valid for a limited time, so use it while you still can!

Just a heads up, KitPvP will be the main focus for the next...
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I think it's been long overdue for me to make this post. We've been using a terrible setup of Enjin for the past few months and it wasn't acceptable. So, part of this MASSIVE update coming this Sunday is this new website! I'll be adding more stuff, along with a application and ban appeal template and more in the near future. Hope you guys (and girls) like the new forums, and tell me what you think about it!

Oh, and yes, if your staff application didn't get reviewed on the old forums repost it on these forums WHEN A NEW TEMPLATE IS RELEASED (I'll post another thread on the home page when this is completed)! Expect staff applications to be reviewed more frequently now, along with bug reports, suggestions, ban appeals, etc.

Hope you guys like it, and cant wait for your reactions for the update on Sunday!

- Niknea