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Hey Arcadians!

As we roll into November with a new relic being released, it’s only fitting for it to be a Thanksgiving-themed relic! From this relic, you will be able to win exclusive admin items, fantastic gear, black market items, keys, and some handy tools - so let's dive right in!

November Relic

Relics are available on SkyBlock and Prison.


What is available in the SkyBlock Relic:


SkyBlock Armor and Tools:

  • Mum’s Beanie - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6, Respiration 3, Aqua Affinity 1
  • Woolen Hoodie - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6
  • Sweat Pants - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6
  • Hiking Boots...
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Hey Arcadians!

October is at a close, and so is the spooky season. What better way to celebrate than to give out sweets to all of our winners of both our Skin and Build competitions. We also have the first teaser of our SBOG reset in November, so stay tuned.​
Skin and Build Competition Winners

Back at the start of October, we advertised Halloween skin and build competitions, and now is the time to give the winners. Just as a reminder, here are our prizes:
For the Build Competition:
On Skyblock:
First Place:
Halloween Chat Color
October Relic
2 Nuclear Waste Keys
1st Place Admin item
pumpKING Title
1x Wonderous Spawner with all unlocked
Island NPC
Island Hologram
2 Boss Eggs
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Hey Arcadians!

Woohoo, it's almost Halloween! To celebrate the end of October, and the ever-creeping festive season, we have a smaller update to keep you prisoners busy.​
Brand New Crate

To kick-start all the updates we thought we would go all out and bring out Prisons 4th crate. This new top-tier crate will have a variety of your favourite admin heads, despite them leaving, and bundles of different items. Check out what you can get in the gif below!


New Commands

Introducing 2 new fun commands to help you around the prison (or to throw things away in a fashion)!​


Tired of going to spawn with stacks of unwanted items that you get each time you mine in your plot? Sick of...​