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Hey Arcadians!

As most of you already know, Christmas is coming up soon and we're trying to release as many updates as possible! This update is for Kit PvP and introducing Christmas Kit Pack, so let's get right into it!

Christmas Kit Pack

To go along with the Christmas season, we're introducing the Christmas Kit Pack to KitPvP 6.2! Just for $9.99 you can pick up this awesome Kit Pack from the store which contains 5 awesome kits, and 3 free to play kits! The free to play kits will ONLY be available throughout December, but if you purchase the kit pack, you will be able to keep them along with the 5 kits it comes with! You can preview the kits here:

Christmas Kit Pack Kits

Scrooge Kit
Have a chance to grant your opponents bad luck so you can receive good luck! This kit allows you to have the chance of getting a negative effect (for your...
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Hey Arcadians!

As we roll into the jolliest month of the year we present to you the December Relic! This winter filled Relic has it all from ice hockey pucks and sticks to presents filled with exciting items - and is more affordable than ever before! You can grab yourself some gear such as a winter cap, winter coat, snow pants, winter boots, some limited edition admin items and some black market items such as care packages, pouches and much more!


These relics are available on both SkyBlock and Prison.

What is available in the SkyBlock Relic:


SkyBlock Armor and Tools:
  • Winter Cap - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6, Respiration 3, Aqua Affinity 1
  • Winter Coat - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6
  • Snow Pants - Protection 6, Unbreaking 6
  • Winter Boots - Protection 6,...
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Hey Arcadians!

After a ton of work on these updates, we're finally happy to say that we are releasing a Christmas Advent Calendar and Skyblock Update 7.1 very soon! Let's dive right into the spicy details.
Skyblock Updates

Starting the Skyblock updates off, we're added all of the things listed below!

The Nether

We're enabling the nether for everyone to use! We've heard a lot of recent interest for this suggestion, we decided to finally put it to use for the community!

New Nether Island

Ever wanted a hell themed island? Well now you've got one! We recently have added a brand new nether island for everyone to enjoy. Simply pop through a nether portal to your new island!



Schematica Adjustments

We've decided that...