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Greetings Arcadians,

I'm afraid I have some very sad news to deliver to you all today. Unfortunately, as Minecraft servers and communities move forward, so must we.


A lot of you know that we have been in a real struggle to keep up with the demand of our players over the past half a year and although we have tried our hardest, it simply wasn't enough. We have been in a sticky situation for a long time regarding development work. We have been on the lookout for a long time for help and assistance but due to the unfortunate quietness of our servers activity we have been...
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Greetings Arcadians,

As time moves forward, so must Arcadian - which is why we have revisited our entire Official Server Rules list! Please checkout the below to see our newly updated rule list.

We have changed multiple rules including the punishments given out, so please take a minute to read through them. These rules will be taking effect from the time of this post. So go get yourself updated and stay out of trouble!

If you have any questions or concerns about our rules, please contact a staff member or reply here and one of us will respond.

Thank you!
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Hey Arcadians!

As you can probably tell by the title, it’s time for another reset!

As you all know the prison reset has been in process for some time now, we highly apologize for the inconvenience and the long duration and false promises given by members for the prison reset date. Prison has been long expected as a server to be reset, so we’re happy to finally announce that it is coming and it's coming on the 13th of April! With this new season of Prison, we have a lot to showcase! Be sure to read through the entire announcement to see what you can be expecting for the next season and something extra that you may want to see.

» Click here to watch the official trailer for ArcadianMC's Prison Season 5