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Hey Arcadians!

We have recognized that there have been a lot of issues with Player Vaults aka PVs recently as well as some players were unhappy that they would have to go searching through all of their vaults to find one item. I know I'm not the only one who is super forgetful so I know that many of you are going to find this new update helpful!

Introducing Arcadian Vaults! This custom vaults plugin was created to make finding items in vaults so much easier, as well as allowing you to personalize and customize your vaults! No more /pv 1, /pv 2, /pv 3!

What is different about Arcadian Vaults?

You no longer have to type ./pv (number)! Simply type ./pv and it comes up with this menu:​
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Hey, Arcadians!

Another week, another content update post!

Wait?!?! A KitPvP reset AND a content update back to back days?!?!

That's right, you all have been extra supportive lately so we've decided to give you guys a week of two updates into one.


Ads Revamped

NOTE: This feature won't be live onto the servers until the next reboot!

After many discussions with some of our most active players advertisement rewards have been revamped! This new system completely eliminates loyalty crates and puts everything in a nice GUI which is considered your "loot box".

This new revamp, including the lootbox, multiplier, and weekly raffles, are on all servers (including KitPvP!).
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Hey Arcadians!

Spyro here, excited to be writing up this announcement. Realized and I have been working very hard on fixing up this surprise update for you, an update which many of you didn't expect so soon. ANYWAYS, without futher a doo, lets get to the interesting part!

The main goal of this update was to 1. Revamp kits to make them worth buying. I feel like there's no real point in buying them at the moment, so we've added new prizes and fixed up some of the old ones!
2. Introducing a new way to PvP on Arcadian, unique to our server! I'll tell you more below ;)

ALSO stats, levels, coins, kills, etc etc etc will ALL BE RESET! Enjoy fighting your way to the top of the kill / coins leaderboard! Crate kits, donor ranks and everything else won on the server will stay

Lets start with the part you all want to hear about...